Better Option Mortgage has been a Mortgage Broker/Lender since 1983. In that time we have arranged home mortgage refinancing and equity loans for 1000's of home owners.

Equity Loans Requirements:
  • Up to 85% of appraised value of home
Conventional lenders have strict criteria for qualifying borrowers looking for equity loans. Better Option Mortgage's knowledge of the industry enables us to assist in meeting these criteria. It is our experience that borrowers who are self employed, had a past bankruptcy or bad credit have a hard time securing financing.

It is not widely known that there are several ways to meet the qualifying criteria of conventional lenders. Better Option Mortgage's past experience enables us to secure financing with these lenders. Better Option Mortgage's extensive and expanding portfolio of Private Lenders are looking for these sorts of borrowers seeking equity loans.

These lenders are more concerned about the character of the borrower and their credit worthiness than they are about the borrower providing documentation. Documentation is still needed but these lenders are easier to satisfy and the character of the borrower carries more weight.

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